6 Styling Tips: Get Your Home To Look Like The Home Of An Interior Blogger

You like when I do lists and you also like it when I show gorgeous stylish homes, so today I am going to combine the two. So if you are looking to give your home a quick makeover – and make it look just like the interior blogger’s home, then just follow these easy tips for great impact.


Group Your Picture Frames
You do not always need to hang your pictures for optimal exposure. Group on the floor or on a sideboard, and do as Norwegian blogger Katerina from Only Deco Love, add a few empty frames for a more delicate arrangement. Do not overdo it though, add just one or two, as it quickly can look over styled.


Simple Book & Art Display
Displaying books and favorite pics can be tricky, often the books just collects dust in the bookshelf, while some might end in a pile on the coffee table. With simple ledges from Ikea, which can be painted in any color to match the wall color, you can easily make any corner into a gallery, which would make any gallery owner envious. Norwegian blogger Nina from Stylizimo is the one to copy.


Keep It Simple
Danish blogger Caroline from September Edit do simple like no other. Simple doesn’t need to be dool and boring, far from it. Choose a few colors that you like and stick with them. Do not deviate for any means, unless you change the entire color palatte of course.


Style That Couch
A super easy and cheap way to update your living room is to change the pillows on you couch with the season. Choose different sizes and freshen up the style with different prints and textures. And by all means, do not just fold the throw over the side of the couch … NO! Learn from The Design Chaser Michelle and make it look like you just threw it there recklessly.


Show Them Your Chairs
Stools and chairs are the new status symbols, rather you spend some serious cash on them or not, there is no reason to hide them under the table. Showing them all the way in tends to look to neat. Pull them out like Norwegian blogger Elisabeth Heier just a few inches to underline their beauty.


Style The Bookshelves
Make it into a habit of rearranging your bookshelves at least once a month. You don’t have to go all in taking everything out and then replace everything. Simply remove all your accessories and find a new spot for them. Take note from Kasia from My Full House, she knows how to style a set of shelves like a pro.

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