7 Contemporary Art And Photography Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

While we wait for the sun really to come out and play, I feel it is time to leave the visual world for a bit and hit those museums. London, Venice, Los Angeles, Paris, and Copenhagen: discover what favorite museums have concocted for you this spring. From David Hockney through to Rodin, I have outlined 7 contemporary art and photography shows you don’t want to miss in the coming months.


Bungalow5_Art 2017_5

Gosh! Is It Alive?, Arken, Copenhagen
Sweat, freckles, wrinkles, pores, and veins. A vivid exhibition of ‘hyperrealist’ sculptures by 31 internationally recognized artists takes over ARKEN just outside Copenhagen. The works make use of an extreme realism that imitates the surrounding world with an overwhelming wealth of detail.

Runs 4 February to 6 August


Autophoto, The Fondation Cartier, Paris
In Paris, The Fondation Cartier will reopens its doors with an exhibition exploring the world of cars through photography. Autophoto brings together 400 artworks from 80 different artists from the 20th century, and includes works by Messrs Lee Friedlander and Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

Runs 19 April to 24 September


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David Hockney, Tate Modern, London
Celebration Mr. David Hockney’s 80th birthday Tate Modern in London is showing his most comprehensive retrospective. Showing more than 250 of Hockney’s best work, this is a show not to be missed – paintings of shimmering LA swimming pools, rolling Yorkshire dales and many more will only put a huge smile on your face. Especially if you love LA just as much as I do.

Runs 9 February to 29 May

Bungalow5_Art 2017_3
Oracle, The Broad, Los Angeles
New LA museum The Broad (remember to snap a pic for Instagram infront of the vhoneycomb-like structure) has curated an exciting exhibition from its permanent collections that strives to demonstrate the increasingly globalised society in which we live, featuring works by more than 20 installation artists including William Kentridge, Tauba Auerbach, Terry Winters and Sterling Ruby.

Runs 29 April to 3 September


Rodin, The Centennial Exhibition, Grand Palais, Paris
If you missed Rodin at the National Gallery of Denmark last year, travel to Paris and visit the Grand Palais where the exhibition is showing next. Today Rodin is renowned as the father of modern sculpture, but during the 19th Century, Auguste Rodin was viewed as an artistic rebel.

Runs 22 March to 31 July


Queer British Art, Tate Modern, London
When you visit Tate Modern anyway, check out the Queer British Art exhibition also. the first of its kind – entirely dedicated to queer British art. In a show scheduled to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, the art on display will date from 1861 to 1967, a period which saw monumental changes in the public and private perception of gender and sexuality.

Runs 5 April to 1 October


Bungalow5_Art 2017_4

Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, Palazzo Grassi, Venice

I guess Damien Hirst really doesn’t need any introductions: you’ll probably remember the emblematic shark suspended in formaldehyde, and the cast of a human skull encrusted with diamonds? Go to Venice to see the artist’s new project, the fruit of ten years of work.

Runs 9 April



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