7 New(ish) Danish Sustainable Brands You Need to Follow

Pretty much every week I get a mail about a new Danish design brand, all hoping to make it to the big stage and create pieces that we all need. One of the things I love the most is that many of them think green and take a more sustainable approach to their production than we have seen before, something I really think will become one of the things that will define Danish design in the future.

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I have gathered 7 of the new(ish) Danish brands you need to know, all with a sustainable approach to their designs and production.


Alton & Heim
Creating products that lasts is important for most brands, I hope, but to the founder of Alton & Heim it is important that buyers aren’t lured in with massive markdowns all the time – the prices are final, so you know you pay the right price from the beginning. All are produced in FSC-certified wood, and a lot of the fabrics are produced with recycled tshirts. And to save on the CO2 emissions even more, they use local manufactures as close to the customers as possible.


Enkl means simple, which is the approach the founders have taken towards designing their products. It is simple and aesthetic pieces, which places less strain on the environment that most other furniture designs. Circular economy is probably just as important when talking sustainability and Enkl means it serious. Not only do they offer to repurchase any Enkl product for 10 percent of the sales price at any time, they also make sure that all their products are also designed for disassembly.


Rug Solid
Rug Solid is GRS-certified – Global Recycled Standard, which is one of the world’s leading certifying standards. They produce rugs in many different by-products or recycled materials, like leftover cotton from the fashion industry, bicycle tubes, or leather cut-offs. They also ship via UPS carbon neutral shipment or the Danish counterpart Post med Omtanke.


Form & Refine
Form & Refine founders believe in sustainability by choosing local materials neighboring local workshops and thereby reducing our CO₂ footprint. The forest Damsbo on the island of Funen in Denmark is their source of unique and beautiful Danish wood of ash, maple and oak; allowing them to be able to produce locally with the help of skilled craftsmen. While they also create products outside Denmark, they always makes sure to use local craftsmen, so they doesn’t transport raw materials around the world.


In fact, I have told the story about Takt before, but I felt like they need a spot here again. Their core philosophy is to bring back quality, values and humanity in Danish design, instead of being all about luxury, extravagance and how expensive it can get. Kicking it all off with just three chairs designs, created by household names, which can only be bought via the Takt web shop. All chairs are of course created in FSC-certified wood and is delivered flat packed. They have taken their sustainable approach one step further, with applying and receiving the EU Ecolabel, which is given to companies whose entire chain of production is sustainable.



In reality the two founders of Wehlers believe that this world really doesn’t need any more pieces of furniture. However, they do think that we need a lot more sustainable options, which is why they founded Wehlers. Sustainability is in fact their ultimate competitive parameter, which is where they want to set them self apart from the rest. All their pieces are created in recycled and upcycled materials, and they can all be taken apart, reused and recycled.


Re Beds
Not only are their designs labelled with the official Nordic Swan ecolabel, it’s also produced on their own factory run solely on wind-energy. Right now the Re Beds offers two different bed designs, perfect for the Scandinavian way of living. Very simple, yet extremely beautiful.





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