7 Rugs That Will Add a Dose of Eye Candy to Your Floors

Area rugs has been in style for long, and while I don’t see the wall-to-wall rug happing again anytime soon, I do love the sensation of stepping on a rug, especially with the colder months coming closer and closer. Kilims, wool & silk, and other rug varieties are becoming more and more accessible, simple to clean, and will pretty much live up any room. I love them in living rooms, but I do think they are just a perfect fit for the bedroom. It will just make getting out of bed so much easier.

Besides the obvious softness factor, it is a very easy way to add color in your home, without having to spend the weekend painting. And if your rental, like mine, suffers from boring, easily scratched floors a rug seems like exactly what you need.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that a rug belongs in your bedroom (or living room) , one of the 7 eye-catching designs, below, will surely spark your interest. 

Finate – Atrium Grey

The Atrium rug, designed by Marianne Huotari of Studio Smoo, is hand-tufted of soft wool whereas the arches of the pattern are made of shimmering viscose. The graceful design makes Atrium a beautiful centrepiece and an eye-catcher for any interior.

Rug Solid – Gorilla

The Gorilla rug is made of bamboo silk, and has a thick layer of bamboo silk giving it a velvet impression, that is incredibly comfortable to walk across. Buy this rug and you’ll also support The Gorilla Organization, with donations, assisting in their mission to ensure a safe future for the gorillas in Africa.

Menu – Gravel

A well-designed product starts with the material, according to designer Nina Bruun, who has designed Gravel Rug for MENU, a natural wool rug with a soft handle. Using nature as the starting point, the design focuses on wool and its inherent qualities.

&tradition – The Moor

The Moor rugs, a handloom-woven rug with a dense, soft and highly exclusive velvet-like expression, are the second series of rugs designed by All The Way To Paris produced by &tradition.

Nordic Knots – Archipelago

An archipelago, sometimes called an island group or island chain, is a chain, cluster or collection of islands, or sometimes a sea containing a small number of scattered islands. This design is inspired by the view from above of the many islands in the Stockholm archipelago. This shaggy rug is hand knotted with 100% New Zealand wool for great quality and a soft feel.

Please Wait to be Seated – Arqui

Architecturally inspired, thick weaved rugs, ideal to brighten up any living room. The heavy texture also helps to transform the acoustic signature of any environment, whether they’re hung on a wall or spread on a floor. They are hand-woven in India by master artisans who have perfected their skills through generations.

Linie Design – Vitalia

It is asymmetrical and abstract combined with a Scandinavian and masculine look. Inspired by Art Deco and designed by Hanne Kortegaard. Its NZ wool and flax, which creates a perfect balance and shine when the light hits it.

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