7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom


I have made it into a habit every morning to make my bed. Before I get to my simple steps to achieve that great hotel bed and bedroom vibe I want, I first just leave the bed unmade, open the window (if it’s not already open) and jump in the shower, that way the duvet breathe a good chunk of fresh air and recovers from a night keeping you warm. Together with Auping Scandinavia I am giving you my best tips for getting your bed made and achieve that perfect hotel bed.

In terms of getting that hotel bedroom feeling, the bed is of course the main attraction in any bedroom, so that is certainly where you should put in most of your effort. The bed should take centre stage when you are going for that perfect luxe hotel style. Think of all the hotels that you have visited — they are always well-designed where the bed is the main attraction.

The bed should be fit for a King/Queen and have a plush headboard that you can lay your head against. Everything in a hotel is carefully planned out and the design is meticulous.

As for your linens, well, this is where you can really pull the look and feel of the room together. The linen and cotton sheet sets, duvet covers and pillow shams in Auping’s Winter collection are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen for awhile and are sure to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud.

Essentially, the bedroom is the one room that you should not skimp on. Sadly, it is the room that most people ignore since guests don’t see it. Give yourself the gift of luxury with a bedroom that you deserve to wake up in each morning.


Start with Plump Bedding, What sets apart a hotel bed from any other is those fluffy crisp sheets. Turn in for the night in style by giving your everyday bed the same treatment with fresh beautiful sheets. And remember, you spend a lot of time in bed, so don’t forget to change those sheets on a regular weekly basis.

Tuck the fitted sheet tightly. Make sure your sheets fits you bed, there is nothing worse than a bed when you see half the mattress because of an ill-fitting sheet. Pull it taut and tuck the edges beneath the mattress.

Drape the duvet. Now the tricky part begins. Centre your duvet on the bed, with equal overhang on either side. Align the top edge with the top edge of the mattress.


Add a blanket or bedcover. If your blanket or bedcover is slightly shorter than the duvet, pull it down from the top of the mattress rather than up from the bottom. You want the bottom and side edges to be as even with the sheet as possible.

Tuck in the comforter and bedcover together. Make your best attempt at hospital corners at the bottom. Be sure to smooth them out as much as possible. Now tuck in the side edges so that they form a crisp crease.

Overfill your throw pillows. There’s something so luxurious about plush, overfilled throw pillows, which go a long way in transforming your bedroom from “everyday” to a bonafide retreat that emulates the most sumptuous of hotels.

Add another blanket. Last but not least, you can add a smaller blanket on top of it all. Either go for the tight look and place it carefully or a more “random” look and just drape it nicely.


That’s it really, it sounds like a lot of work, but really, when you get the hang of this, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Sleep tight.





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