7-Step Guide For A Better Morning Ritual


Every day my alarm goes off somewhere between 6 – 630am, except Thursdays, that’s my sleep till you wake up day, my day off really. Every other morning I am up rise and shine, hitting the gym to start my day strong. It’s no secret that the early bird catches the worm. They say that many of the world’s most successful people start off their days early. They want to be ahead of the game and make the most of their day before most are even out of bed! You really do not get ahead in life by snoozing the day away, and yes, it is easy for me to say, but truth be told, I used to be able to sleep 10+ hours no problem, but I have learnt myself to get through the days with way less sleep. Sleeping is very important, so throughout the weekdays I am in bed by 11, that way I get at least 7 hours, which is enough.

To make it easy for myself to get out of bed, I have made a 7-step guide I follow every day.

01. Cut The Snoozing
My number one rule, when the alarm goes off, I get out of bed. Absolutely no snoozing! It has actually been prove that the sleep you think you get when snoozing makes you more tired, not less! So make it into a habit, to get out of bed at first go, stop trying to convince yourself that you deserve those extra minutes.

02. Drink Water
Get an early start is not easy, and you might think… “I need coffee”, I know I do, but reach for a large glass of water first thing. Your body and skin for that mater will love you for it.

03. Eat Breakfast
Make the effort to get a proper good meal in, there are so many options for a quick and filling meal, and some can easily be prepared in advance – like the overnight bircher muesli. Or simply just reach for the good old oatmeal, add water and heat for porridge. Your body and mind just runs way better on a full stomach.

04. Learn Something New
Start your day, while eating your breakfast maybe, learning something new. Your mind is clear and ready for new input, so why not take advantage. I am not saying you need to start learning the entire encyclopedia, but there are so many sources for learning something new every day; Subscribe to Wikipedia’s “Featured Article” list or listen to podcasts like In Our Time or Monocle.

05. Make your bed
I’ve said it before, I know, but there is actually a very good point to making your bed. You start your day finished something – it only takes you a few moment and you as an extra bonus, you come home after a long day to a fresh and calm bedroom.

Read my step-by-step guide for a neat bed “7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom

06. Exercise
Whether you’re more of a gym goer or a yoga-at-home person, find some time in the morning to exercise. It’s pretty simple, just jump out of bed an hour early and hit the weights in the gym. You’ll get the blood flow pumping, clear your mind and be full of energy to tackle anything that hits you all day.

07.Cold Shower
If you can get your mind to make you turn the tap from warm to cold – do it! Or better yet, hit the sauna after gym and then finish with the cold shower, which most gyms have. It is good for your body, the circulation and for your mood.


Now you are ready to hit the day full on. Go be awesome!




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