8 Design Stores I am Dying To Visit, You Will Too

I love traveling, and do it as much as I can, but there is still so many places I would love to visit. I love exploring new cities and always try to track down the coolest design stores to visit. Here is a few I have on my list to visit and a few I visit whenever I have a change.


Platform, LA: It has been on my list for a long time, and since Instagrammer @aguynamedpatrick curated and opened a pop-up store called Stay in the Platform store, I have wanted to visit even more.

Artilleriet, Gothenburg: I love this one, I even though it is just around the corner from Copenhagen, I actually haven’t been. It is a collection of impeccable design, many of which you have never heard of, but just by browsing in their online store, you know you just need it.

Country Ltd, LA: More a full on concept store with clothing and homeware, but I still love it. Especially their great selection of art and pottery.

Crioll, Eidenhoven: A boutique store with all the latest contemporary design, mostly Scandinavian though.

Süper Store, Berlin: A smaller, but still great source for smaller quirky finds. Especially strong in ceramics and accessories to decorate your home.

Klassik, Copenhagen: I don’t think you’ll find any place on earth like this – the best collection, hands down, of mid-century high-end design, only the finest makes its way into the store.

The Interiorlist, Madrid: This one is for the colour loving peps. It is full of fun, playful items which will add a lot of great personality into your home.

Big Daddy’s Antiques, San Fransisco: Walking the outside streets, you have no idea what is in store for you, when you enter the massive warehouse – a perfectly staged setting for endless amounts of great antiques and vintage pieces, from big to small. You need to stay a little bit alert, as some pieces aren’t vintage, but just made to look it though.


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