8 Last-minute Easter decorations – the Scandi way

Scratching your head whether or not to do some last-minute Easter decoration. Well, I think you should. It’s the perfect way to celebrate brighter time and spring. No one says you have to go all in with eggs in every color of the rainbow or feathers scattered everywhere. I’ve been perusing Pinterest for the best tasteful Easter decorations done the Scandi way.

  1. A perfect host gift. Add some nice (homemade) chocolate eggs in a nice design container. This one is from Bylassen, which can be used in the decor after Easter is over too.
  2. All you need for this one is some flowering bulbs ( small ones ), some soil and egg shells. You simply plant the small flowers bulbs in the egg shells.
  3. If you have to set a proper Easter table this weekend, take inspiration from either Trendenser and her folden napkin ears or Zwo:ste’s very cute bunny ear tiaras.
  4. You can also starting folding these a little trickier bunny napkins like Stylizimo.
  5. It really doesn’t get any easier than this, add a few small, different colored eggs to a glass container for display.
  6. Simple sculptural branches can look so nice and for Easter you just add a few eggs. I really like the idea of bare wooden eggs or if you are feeling extra creative, get out the black pen and start painting.
  7. A nice group of small flowring bulbs planted in a brass Kubus bowl would be the perfect final touch for your Easter table.


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