8 Things I’ve Learned from the andtradition Catalogue

You know when a space works, but sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why you love what you see. I keep coming back to andtradition’s newest campaign images created in Overgaden housing the Institute of Contemporary Art, a building dating back to 1887.  It really just makes you breathe a calming sigh of relief. I’ve been thinking about why they really work and what we can learn from them and bring into our own home.

1. Less is More

No matter the size of your space you really do not have to have a lot of things to fill it. More than ever, it is becoming more and more important to buy less but better and most importantly not overdoing it. While a room filled with every item you’ve painstakingly collected over the years can certainly be comforting, when left purposefully bare, the space will, in turn, strengthen the most impactful elements in the room—be it a sculptural light fixture or original architectural details.

2. Mirror Effect

Add an extra dimension to your decor with a mirror in an unexpected place. Sometimes all it takes is one really great piece to make a major impact in a space.

3. Big plants

We all have one. A sad, empty corner that you could style a few ways, but just never have. Take note from andtradition. A big, leafy plant. Not quite a “tree”, but a plant that’s larger than your average monstera. A big pot is a must too, of course.

4. Embrace the Natural Light

This space has a ton of natural light. Lighting is so important in making a home feel open and happy, the last thing you want to do is to take away from that. Unless you really need the privacy, loose the curtains. Especially if you have large tall windows with deep stills. If you insist, go for super lightweight white linen curtains throughout your home to enhance the amount of natural light, while still providing privacy.

5. Pop of color

The proof is here. Within an almost exclusively contemporary decor scheme, a soft blue couch pair all too well with the grey upholstered chairs and the wooden tables. The lush area rug and the oval table impart the space with a cohesive feel. 

6. Get Comfy

It’s okay to get creative with the seating. Case in point? These blue velvet armchairs few would probably thing about using around the table. But they really work. Give it a bit of gentleman’s club vibe.

7. Monochrome Arts

Just because you have a canvas and some brushes doesn’t make you an artist. DIY painting can so quickly look… well, DIY. Why not just paint an entire oversized canvas one color. Seriously, look how cool it looks.

8. Use the Floors

Another easy DIY for you. Use the Floors. Well, almost. Install a shelf low to the ground and utilize it as a base for stacks of art books, plants, and various decorative accessories. The lower position of the shelf invites a more casual and effortless finish, one that perfectly exudes the modern simplicity of Scandinavian decor.

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