Work hard and don’t stress out too much – if you work for it and you want it bad enough chances are you’ll make it happen regardless of the obstacles. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

Many people doesn’t leave work when they leave the office, many actually bring work with them home to get a few hours in after dinner and when the kids are tucked away. The perfect workstation needs plenty of room for creative development, but it also needs to be space where you can collect your thoughts and keep track of everything.



A different and beautiful pip-up board by PleaseWaitToBeSeated for all your most important belongings, your favourite photos, concert tickets or your personal mood board. Designed by the Danish design team, All The Way To Paris.


Bungalow5_Kartotek_Normann Copenhagen

Good old handwritten notes screams for proper notebooks, which you can also bring to an important meeting the next day. Check out the selection from Kartotek or Normann Copenhagen.


Desk - Lifestyle 2

Emil Thourup started as a pretty face on Danish TV, but within the last year he has created a furniture empire. His desk is one of them. A slick design with a top of 3 pieces of polished green marble. Plenty of space for big gesticulation.



Jamie Hayon has designed the Catch Chair for andtradition and is one of my personal favourites these days. Choose the one with a swivel base and you will forget that you are even working – the comfort is super high and it goes well with any table (even the dining table).


If you are like me, you need music to keep you awake. Two options. Feel the beat with your own premium wireless headphone, which will also be super handy on those long flights abroad, or the stylish ceramic wireless speaker from Kähler.



And of course you probably need a quick caffeine fix during those late night hours, so why not drink in style with the Beat mugs from Playtype.



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