9 Long Fall Bucket List Weekends

From green to orange – change is on its way! The autumnal season, when the air turns crisp and trees flaunt vibrant hues, is a particularly lovely time to travel, whether on a quick escape or long weekend trip. As the countryside blossoms with fall produce and the wine harvest begins, many places offer special experiences exclusive to the fall season.



01. For the past year, Ystad Saltsjöbad has been the go to place for a long weekend for Copenhagen residents. It is a two-hour drive away, cross the bridge to Sweden and hit the highway. Within no time you’ll find yourself in a heated pool overlooking the Baltic Sea.

02. If you love food and need peace, I highly recommend Henne Kirkeby Kro. The kitchen is run by one of the best chefs in Denmark, Paul Cunningham and you can rest up in peaceful surroundings. Remember to take a walk in the massive vegetable garden.



03. California’s renowned wine valleys flourish in autumn with the ripening of the grapes and the anticipation of new varietals. You should book a weekend glamping (glamour and camping), so luxury camping. Imagine huge tents, where you don’t have to crawl on all fours in and out of your sleeping bag, no no. This is tents all right, but looks more like small houses with beds.

04. With the summer heat fading and high temperatures lingering around 20 degrees through the end of October, Budapest is also ideal in autumn. During this season Hungarians celebrate national beverages and food with annual festivals, though most of the tourists have returned home until next year.



05. For some guaranteed autumnal sunshine head to Crete, the most southerly Greek island, where temperatures remain in the mid-20s well into October, makes it a perfect time for walking in the White Mountains or the Imros Gorge. Cyclamen and autumn crocus should be appearing all over the island at this time of year, which is also the time for distilling raki from grape residue.

06. Go hunting for white truffles, one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world, in the forests of Istria, Croatia.

07. Take a road trip on one of Europe’s most beautiful and best drives along the Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania, it is genuinely a bucket list kind of place to visit.



08. Autumn is the best time to look up a balloon festival in your area, throughout Europe and the US, you’ll find countless of event, where you can partake in floating silently above ground – or you can just find a spot to admire the many colourful balloons from a distance. Throughout this week, you should make your way to Alburquerque for the annual International Balloon Fiesta where more than 750 vibrant balloons ascend into the skies.

09. October, is peak season for food and wine in Italy. Truffles and mushrooms, chestnuts and chocolate all enjoy their own festivals during this time – and, it’s also vineyard harvest time. Piedmont is home to amazing fall scenery as well as a fantastic food and wine culture with the northwest region hemmed in by the Alps, so there are hundreds of roads and trails to explore the surrounding peaks set ablaze with colour.





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