9 Mirrors That Will Make you the Fariest of Them All

Given how many selfies we take of ourselves throughout the day (oh, that’s just me?), it’s worth getting a mirror that not only makes you look your best with a crisply and clear reflection, but also has a great and interesting design. I’ve found the best of the best mirrors that will make you the fairest and ready to conquer the day and all those selfies.

1. Mirroe Drip, Louise Roe // 2. Adnet, Gubi // 3. Amore, &tradition // 4. Georg, Skagerak // 5. Spirit, Nordal // 6. Officina, Magis // 7. Framed, Muuto // 8. Shadow, Handvärk // 9. Vala, Umbra



One that really catches my eye is the new Shadow Mirror design by Iskos Design for Handvärk. I love how the actual mirror almost floats inside the frame. While it can both be hung on the wall, I think it looks so magical leaning against the wall, so you get the full effect of the see-through glass between the frame and mirror. How cool is that?


I also really love Mirroe Drip by Louise Roe, which is almost an art piece more than an actual mirror. With structures and a graphical pattern, unique reflections are created, that twist reality in your decoration and add a different and edgy art piece. The only issue, is which one to pick? They are all so stunning.



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