9 Reasons Why They Should Start Painting Your Walls Grey

The all-white walls era is definitely over when it comes to interior design. Choosing a colour for your walls is never easy, so if you are not ready to go all in on being top trendy painting those walls blue or green, then grey might be for you. Grey looks absolutely amazing and if you are a fan of the Scandinavian designers, then your furniture will look great against those new coloured walls. A couple of quick painting tips: choose a lighter grey if you seek calmness, or a darker grey if you prefer cosiness. If you are super bold you could go for a colored filler, which is both delicious to look at and to touch.

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_1

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_2

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_3

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_5

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_4

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