A Curvy Aussie Penthouse in Queensland

If there is one thing, I have learnt being quarantined it’s that less is definitely more when it comes to décor. I have sold, recycled and given away so much that my mom now is beginning to say things like: “you have nothing left!”. Who would have thought that this design hoarder would suddenly become a minimalist? No chance I am going all cold and all white thats for sure.

Speaking of minimalistic décor. Penthouse M is a minimal penthouse interior located in Queensland, Australia, designed by CJH Studio. Built in the late 1980s and has remained relatively untouched ever since. Until now, at least. CJH Studio created a remarkable family home characterized by natural materials mixed with a neutral color palette, starting by retaining and restoring the travertine flooring.

Throughout the interior features a great deal of soft curves, including both the furniture and structural elements. Namely, the incredible staircase – the centerpiece of the home. But just as cleverly the curves are used throughout with arched door frames, wardrope fronts and mirrors.

Just as breathtaking is the view and the abundance of natural light, thanks to the massive windows. The dining room with the Le Corbusier No. B9 Chairs by Thonet and the two Formakami by Jaime Hayon for andtradition is just a dream.

Have you changed or rethought your decor lately?

Photography Cathy Schusler

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