A Life of Simplicity, High-Street Brand Is Stepping Up with Their New Campaign

I honestly love what the high-street brands are doing with their campaigns these days.  Just last week I had a wonderful lunch with art director Therese Sennerholt, who have been creating H&M campaigns the past few seasons, and now we see Zara Home bring their campaign up to par.

The new campaign is actually shot by Frederik Vercruyssee in Copenhagen, all created and styled by Colin King and Rosie Seabrock – and it is stunning!!! As opposed to Ikea, I really love how these brands are not afraid of showing their products among other brands, showing them in a very believable real-life setting.

Now you know I like to talk about sustainability, and most of the high-street brands aren’t exactly known for all the good they do to the planet. Most of us also have this idea, that just because we buy it cheap, it’s okay to just change it out all the time and just throw it in the dump. That certainly doesn’t help. Many of the high-street brand products are in fact made to last, some of the most iconic Ikea products will last you a life time. And some of the new Zara Home products are actually produced in 100% recycled materials.

To me, Zara Home has always been a bit to girly, I mean, have you actually been inside one of their concept stores? They are just all so white and shiny. However, it seems like I might need a visit when I am back in Copenhagen, I am definitely eyeing some products that needs a closer look; the knit blanket for one.

I am curious, how do you feel about shopping interior with these high-street brands? Almost everyone has something from Ikea, so that must be legit, but what about brands like H&M and Zara?

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