A Serene Modern Home In Simple Palette Of Materials

I am not sure what first caught my eye in the house. It could have been the use of materials, how architects Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak of Robson Rak used the same granite for both floors and bench tops, how they with only a simple palette of steel, granite and timber, varies the texture and finishes creating depth and interest to the scheme – or simply that amazing office with the blue velvet armchairs.

The Toorak2 house is an existing 1983 Georgian style, functional, yet elegant, family home. And can I just add, I love that a little bit of Danish design sneaked in, i.e. the stool by Mater.


The Toorak2 House By Robson Rak Architects / Photos by Brooke Holm / Styling by Marsha Golemac.

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