A Small Stylish Home that Makes You Want to Downsize

It seems like everyone is selling their homes in Stockholm at the moment. Last week it was Lovisa Häger’s stunning gray heaven that hit the market, this week it’s the owner of the PR company Redgert Comms, Daniel Redgert’s just 51 sqm. (548 sq feet), which is now up for sale too.

As it were with Lovisa’s apartment, Daniel’s home sure seems a lot bigger than it I, where every inch of the layout has been utilized if needed. It is of course extremely important to keep it to only the necessaries, if not it will very quickly seem cluttered. When you only have 51 sqm. you obviously do not have the joy of a lot of storage and you really need to make sure not to leave too much out. Daniel masters this to perfection.

I love the layout of this apartment. Where the kitchen is centered between a small bedroom and a larger living room with space for dining too. Another great detail is no doors between the kitchen and the living room, which safes space but also gives the illusion of a bigger room – also note that sliding door to the bedroom.

If this doesn’t make you want to pack up and move to Sweden’s capital I really don’t know what will. I certainly wouldn’t mind having this as my Stockholm hub, not that I really need it, but it’s my blog, so I can dream out loud.

Home is for sale via Alexander White Fastighetsmäklare. Foto & Styling: Henrik Nero / Nero Interior

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