A Sustainable Approach to a Simple Festive Decor

For me, Christmas is something special. It’s pretty precious with all its traditions, time spent with family and loved ones, dress up for Christmas lunches (a very Danish tradition), eat those meals you only have once a year, time to think about others needs rather than just ourselves, play, make snow angles, decorate with those special ornaments… well, I could continue.

Image via Mouche Collective

As we count down for the big celebrations, I want to dedicate a few posts around how to make Christmas a bit more sustainable and less wasteful. This past year, I have become a lot more conscious not going overboard with new stuff – and not to put a dark cloud over this happy time – we do overconsume way too much, especially this month. Glitter everywhere, gift wrapping, and gifts passed around, that we really don’t need.

When it comes to the Christmas décor traditions, I like to keep it simple. So, let’s start there. A few pine branches here and there, an ornament on a handle and a Santa Claus on a shelf goes along way. And if you want to bring in a tree, you should definitely get an organic one. Christmas trees are farmed, and is not considered as forest, the amount of fertilizer used is a lot and not only will it end up in our groundwater it also drains the ground for all its nutritions. Best idea, if you have a garden, grow your own trees.

Image by Anne-Sophie Rosenvinge

Not all rooms of your home need decoration to get that seasonal look, maybe leave out the bathroom and bedrooms and focus on those rooms you spend most time in. Invest in Christmas décor that will work year after year, high quality ornaments that you won’t grow tired of after one time use and remember not everything needs to be red to be Christmassy. Some pieces might even work around the house all year, e.g. just add an ornament to your candle holder, and voila.

I really like to bring in a few branches that I find on a walk in the fields, along the beach or in the forest. I am lucky that I have huge natural resorts just outside my door, so I bring a cutter and bring back what I need. I love the idea of bringing a bigger crooked branch, a few small pine twigs in glass vases or bare branches with leftover berries still attached. I also love making something myself, I usually create a Christmas candle decoration for my mom (not this year though, sorry mom!), but I came across a stunning wreath with dried oranges created by Frida, which I love. Bookmarked for next year. If you are looking for more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board full of very simple Christmas décor.

I will return tomorrow with ideas for sustainable gift wrapping.

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    Velvet Karatzas
    December 18, 2019 at 09:47

    I love that branch angling over, balanced out by that wreath! You’re absolutely right, not every room has to be decorated for that seasonal feel. I only decorate my open plan space (living-dining-kitchen). And I try to keep it to a minimum, because I don’t like this over-the-top overwhelming Christmas decor & more approach. After all, my biggest priority is spending Christmas and precious time with my loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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