A Truly Unique Copenhagen Townhouse

Nothing can make my mood jump to total happiness – even on yet another rainy day – as when a perfect home pops up in my scroll. This is one of those homes! I am pretty sure you’ll like the pictures too, so just start scrolling. Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, one of Denmark’s most popular blogger RockPaperDresses, lives in a renovated two-story townhouse in Frederiksberg together with her husband, their son Eddie and their dog Frida.

Their house, a former film factory from 1868, is in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Copenhagen (I used to live just around the corner), and is an inspiring mix of industrial, creative and Scandinavian design both new and vintage – I especially love the curtains in the bedroom, which really helps creating a intimate space.  Throughout the house you find so many great details; the black steel spiral staircase, the massive glass doors leading to the rooftop (how great is that light on the Spanish chair?), and overall just the use of colors. Oh, and how cute is Eddie’s room? Great use of wallpaper on one wall continuing up on the ceiling.

Do you like it? This is truly a very unique home.

See more of Cathrine’s stunning home and life on her Instagram and blog, RockPaperDresses. Personally, I cannot wait to see what she does with their newly bought summer house.

The townhouse is actually for sale via Anna Reventlow.

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