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It is not often I share something from the kids section, so when I do, it has to be very good, which the new kids collection by ferm living without any doubt is. Laughter and joyful vibes is key. Funny fable animals, playfully mixed patterns and wonderful colour combinations fills the room, created to match the innocent spirit of a child’s imagination while making space for playing and daydreaming.

As a kid I just loved playing in my room all on my own. Listing to tapes, painting and drawing or playing with Lego for hours and hours. I loved just being on my own, creating my own world. Something I still cherish, the music is slightly different and Lego is swapped with an iPhone – but I still love spending time on my own.


Having a great space for being creative and being on your own is very important if you ask me – also for kids. First priority, when planning our kids’ spaces is to make sure there is room for life, fun and fantasy. And of course it doesn’t need to be ugly – ferm living is the epitome of creativity and design hand in hand with functionality.



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