A Worldly Addition to a Tranquil Neighborhood

Just this week Copenhagen got yet another design hotel, and I welcome it with open arms. The fact that Copenhagen is the capital of one of the greatest design countries and only until recently had a couple of design hotels was a bit sad. Luckily for us Nobis Copenhagen just opened, Hotel Danmark just opened and now also Sanders.

Sanders is not your typical 5 star design hotel, in fact, they don’t even want to be. The atmousphere is very homey. The reception area doesn’t feel like a reception area, really more like a living room. Owner, and renowned Danish ballet dancer, Alexander Kølpin, was inspired by his life on center stage and all his travels around the world to create Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel. You can almost say, that you’ll take center stage as a guest when you enter the hotel. The scenography and carefully curated interiors will be the elegant and exquisite backdrop for your experience.

Everything down to the Single Coupé rooms that are inspired from a bygone era of luxury train cabins where guests will find comfort and luxury within the intimate space. To the very opposite end of the spectrum, Sanders Apartments, which offers the utmost in privacy and are generously spacious with separate lounge seating and open fireplaces.

And even better, you actually don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy. Alexander wants life in the hotel, so you are free to just pop in for breakfast the kitchen, have your meetings in the living room or go to the very exclusive conservatory rooftop garden.

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