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You know I love my scented candles and when I found these new Danish produced soy handmade candles, I needed to know more. It turns out that Copenhagen Candle Lab is candles handmade by Allan Fatum and Sladana Lazic, husband and wife, in their own home studio. They found that most scented candles were full of bad particles, so they decided to start making their own. I absolutely love the scents, cedarwood being my favorite and the santal room mist if just perfect to freshen up your bedroom. And both a perfect present to put underneath the Christmas tree I might add.


Tell in short, who is Copenhagen Candle Lab?
Copenhagen Candle Lab offers high-quality scented candles made exclusively from soy wax, 100% pure essential oils and cotton wicks. And they are made right here in Copenhagen!

What made you start making candles?
Simply because we couldn’t find any scented candle on the market that was based only on plant materials. Most scented candles are made from paraffin, which is a petroleum by-product, and even when we found a candle that was based on vegetable wax the fragrance used were synthetic with a minimal amount of essential oils (which is what everyone does to use the words “essential oils” in their marketing). So we decided to make our own candles and build our own business around this passion.

What is your background?
We both have a background in marketing and PR and have had the privilege to work for some of the biggest brands in Denmark and abroad. Working in these organizations we watched how thoughts, concepts and ideas became products that people love, and that was really what gave birth to the idea of bringing our candles to the market.

What is so good about Copenhagen Candle Lab’s candles?
We love them because they are based on honest materials. When our lavender candle throws the lavender scent it is because approx. 50 kg of French lavender flowers and stems have been steam distilled to obtain the 20 ml that we use in one single candle. Not because the scent has been tailored in a chemistry lab to smell like lavender. We also love to use essential oils, as the scent throw is much lighter and easier on the nose than fragrance oils.

Which is your favorite color?
We just bought a midnight blue velvet couch, which looks absolutely amazing! We will probably love it for a couple of years. Then we will hate it.

What has been the greatest challenge being starting a company so far?
The most stressful challenge is not getting the products out or getting the work done, but to take decisions. Every single day we make so many decisions from the big company-impacting ones to the tiny hour affecting – and they all have to lead our business in the right direction.


What are your biggest regrets (in life)?
Not starting Copenhagen Candle Lab 10 years ago. We have got a great thing going at the moment, and it is a pleasure to talk to consumers, bloggers and friends who have tried and love our candles.

Our home… ? (finish the sentence)
Is a safe haven, where we play with our son, make home cooked dinners and surround ourselves with memories, people and things we love. Oh, and lots of candles!

What are you working on now?
Candle season is peaking, so we are working closely with our amazing group of retailers, such as DANSK and Sirin in Copenhagen, Noden in Singapore and Gang of Earlybirds in Paris, to get our candles out. Besides that we are experimenting with a new scent project called “absinthe x floral” combining essential oils of Fennel, Aniseed, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and a couple of different florals. We have high hopes for this baby!

What do you dream about?
Bottom line is to have an exciting life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we strive for big international success, but for meaningful collaborations with shops and artists that inspire us and have the potential to build our brand.

What is the first thing you think about Monday morning?
Coffee. Period.


Favorite city?
Our favorite city is really an island: Hvar in Croatia. It is a stunning island, where you can hike to a medieval ghost towns by day and drink infused cocktails with the elites of the world by sundown – we fell so much in love with this place that we invited our families there for our wedding a couple of years ago.

Favorite hotel?
When we travel, we love to meet new people and get a real sense of the local atmosphere, so we rarely stay at hotels. We do have a thing for Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, though. It is not as much a classic hotel as it is a place, where people contribute to the atmosphere and vibe. Kind of a poshtel, where you meet new and inspiring people. And the only thing you can watch on TV is The Big Lebowski.

Favorite design store?
We don’t have one favorite, but as with all our retailers, we love visiting design stores where the owner has hand picked unique pieces from around the world and at the same time collaborate with local up and coming talent. It gives a great personal atmosphere, where you can only buy what owners love. One of these shops is “KollektedBy“ in Oslo run by the stylist duo Kråvik & D’Orazio. It is definitely worth a visit!


Which book are you reading at the moment?
A new novel written by Siri Ranva Hjelm Jakobsen called island (Ø in Danish). It is beautifully written and has a very Nordic theme about family and belonging to a community.

What is your favorite (music) track at the moment?
Everyone loves a comeback – and the 90s hip hop trio A Tribe Called Quest has just released their first album in 18 years called We Got It From Here. They still have the same jazzy feel, but they have abandoned the 90s for a contemporary musical and melodic masterpiece.

Three blogs or Instagramers you follow?
At the moment we are excited to follow what @Nina_bruun will be up to after leaving Muuto for her own business, we stare at old stamps collected by @graphilately and get our healthy dose of nature, urban vibe and beautiful abandoned buildings from @kennethnguyen

What would you wish I had asked?
Thumbs up for great questions – but a relevant question for a candle company could be how to burn your candle correctly. And since you didn’t ask, we can let you know that the most important thing is to trim your wick to 0,5 every time you light the candle. That will make sure that the candle burns down too fast and prevent soothing. To prevent tunneling, you should make sure that the wax pool reaches the sides of the jar every time you burn the candle. The best scent throw is reached, when the wax pool is one cm deep, so don’t blow the candle out too early – or you will miss out!


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