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It would really make sense if I put together my weekly obsessions accordingly throughout the week, as I stubble across the things I feel would be cool to share. However, it is the same every Friday. I find myself making it sort of last minute. My excuse this week, is that not only is Mr. LA arriving tomorrow (so need to make the apartment nice and ready), but I finally got the notice about my last interview towards getting my green card. So, I had to get everything in order (forms needed to be signed and printed, doctor check-ups and new passport photos taken), but here it is, another of my obsessions to inspire you. Now go enjoy my favorite spaces, products and my new playlist this week.

This week I am sharing another reason to book a relaxing week on Mykonos, a new hotel with stunning views and interior. Along with a colorful wooden table, some quirky ceramics and a new stoppable platform packed with carefully curated impact-driven design brands empowering women from around the globe.

As always, hit play on that new Bungalow5 Weekly Playlist and scroll down for everything fabulous. Have fun!

3D Visualisation: Cloudn9 // DESIGN: K-Studio & Studio Bonarchi

Laid-Back Island Living

Kalesma, a new hotel to be completed this year, is certainly another reason for me to finally visit Mykonos. Kalesma is a collaboration between K-Studio, Studio Bonarchi and the hotel owners, that binds modernism with the local tradition, reinventing mykonian hospitality by proposing a laid-back experience of island living. I am so ready for that island retreat. Where do I sign up?

Quirky Ceramics

I came across Tel Aviv based sculpture and ceramic artist Dima Gurevich, co-founder of Sind Studio. I just love their many quirky and great pottery and sculptures. Especially their hand painted ceramic vase and this need-to-have ceramic fruit bowl.

3D Visualisation: Cloudn9 // DESIGN: K-Studio & Studio Bonarchi
3D Visualisation: Cloudn9 // DESIGN: K-Studio & Studio Bonarchi

A Wooden Love Affair

Danes have a love affair with wood, especially oak. Ode Projects creates stunning work from table to kitchen. Recently they created a special edition of their Form // Shape table to a client in Copenhagen.
The red tabletop and light blue base is an ode to the works of Piet Mondrian.

Designed to Empower

Check out White Label Project, a new platform for carefully curated impact-driven design brands empowering women from around the globe. Like the interior and jewelry brand Caralarga founded by Ana Holschneider from Querétaro, Mexico, handcrafting jewelry and interior design objects from raw cotton threads or AAKS by Akosua Afryie designing and producing raffia bags handwoven in Northern Ghana or the jewelry brand Pichulik by Katherine Pichulik from Cape Town, South Africa, up-cycling ropes destined for the sailing industry.

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