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My new routines are getting easier and almost seem normal now. I have spent more time on the balcony getting it spring ready, I think I am ready to share a first real look with you guys next week. Another thing I am really enjoying is my morning ride to the beach for a dip in the ocean. Not going to lie, it is cold AF, but getting easier every time.

Just as last week, I am back to wrap this week up with all the great things that caught my eye this week. So, sit back, hit play on my new Bungalow5 Weekly Playlist (make sure to follow, it changes every week) and check out all these wonderfully inspiring products and spaces.

This week, I am sharing a 1963 house that will become a project to follow. I also found some great artwork, one for you and some for the kids in your life to give your spaces fell that spring is in the air too. I am sharing a few new product launches that hit my inbox this week, with some already available, others we have to wait for a bit. Finally, a little thing to keep you warm on your balconies on those cooler spring evenings.


New Home, Finally

My friend Caroline, also known as September Edit, have been looking a new home for more than a year now. Caroline is known for a very minimalistic clean look – and she will without a doubt make this 1963 house amazing. She has already shared a few ideas. I for one, can’t wait to see her fill it with her magic touch.

You can also see the one that got away in her latest post here, another great house with lots of its originality from the 60s intact.

Favorite Wild Animal Prints

I have spoiled my two nieces a numerus of times with stack of clothes from COS, their kids’ department is hard to resist. I am no expert in kids interior, but their new animal prints are too cute to miss. I am obsessed with the blue crocodile* and the orange giraffe*. Cute, right?

Sharing Traditions

During untraditional times we become more aware of routines, rituals and traditions – things that makes us feel safe, comfortable and connected. Lately, I have noticed, and loved, brands asking friends of the house and inspiring creatives what their thoughts of traditions are. Andtradition have shared traditions from Nick Nemechek & Nathan Williams, Johanne Aure, and Jaime Hayon so far. Looking forward to more stories like this.

Keep Warm On the Balcony

With the days getting longer our need to stay outside as long as possible is also getting bigger. As the sun hits the horizon it’s still a bit too chilly to stay out too long. This fringed checked knitted blanket* in an alpaca, wool, nylon and mohair-blend will most certainly keep you warm and add style to your outdoor situation.

Trending Canvas

Lately we have seen canvas being used again on some of the classic pieces. I actually like seeing the more inexpensive, but extremely durable, fabric used again. It do bring back memories of my childhood, I do find it quite refreshing. Klassik Studio gave Kurt Østervig 1960 Hunting chair a canvas makeover. The solid wooden frame has a flat armrest making it perfect for your evening whiskey, bonus!

Eat More Salad

I recently came across David Shrigley’s graphic work via Schäfer Grafik Værksted. His comic pieces really speak to me, with Eat More Salad as one of my favorites. It went straight to my wish list.

Sustainable Sleeping

For the first time in eight years Auping is introducing a new bed design to their sustainable collection of designer beds. The new model, called Noa, is designed by Danish architect and designer Eva Harlou. Tbh Eva is not my favorite designer, her style is a bit odd in my opinion, but I am happily surprised with her modern, yet classic design with this new bed. I really love the very decorative details on the wooden headboard. FYI, the bed is not available until October this year.

Ocean Waste Makes Great Curtains

Another brand has launched a product created by ocean waste; this time it is curtains by Luxaflex. The majority of the plastic waste is collected along the Atlantic coast in Central America and made into sustainable curtains. Apparently, the curtains also reflect the sunlight, keeping out the heat, leaving the room cooler.

*Some of the links in this email are affiliate links, meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a commission when you click on a link or make a purchase.

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    April 25, 2020 at 11:39

    Thanks Allan for all your wonderful posts.
    I love logging on here in lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

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      May 1, 2020 at 09:03

      Thank you so much. Makes me very happy.

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