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Well hello May. Can you believe we have all more or less been in our home for all of April? Crazy times. I am just ready for some normal normality and I am not thinking of all the things I have made my new normal, but just being able to walk around and hangout where I please. I am really enjoying putting together a new weekly playlist for you all though. So hit play and keep scrolling for my favorite spaces and products this week.

This week I found a really cozy and rustic LA home, reminding me of how much I miss LA myself. I also found a bunch of great shoppable products, which should give your wardrobe a much needed spring lift, along with the perfect breach towel. In addition, I found the perfectly home mixed cocktail kit and finally Abi’s great post about why you shouldn’t buy a replica.

Again, hit play on that new Bungalow5 Weekly Playlist and scroll down for everything fabulous. Have fun!

Investing In Authentic Design

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Abi brings up the age-old discussion about why you shouldn’t buy a replica, but rather invest in an authentic design. Producing replicas in protected by law in Denmark, much longer than it is say in the UK and US. Even if they may be available shopping knockoffs is such a turn off in my opinion. In her post, Abi is also giving excellent advice on authentic alternatives no matter your budget.

Fair Priced Sustainability

Just a year ago TAKT started their mission to deliver high-quality design with an uncompromising approach to sustainability at radically fair prices – shipped directly to customers around the world. Already a huge success TAKT is now expanding their Cross Collection with two new products: Cross Chair Tube and Cross Table – created by Pearson Lloyd. 

Bring it to the Beach

A friend of mine just launched a new brand WAY along with his first product, a über cool, mega beach towel. It is massive 220×100 cm, which means it will cover most deckchairs completely, and it is made in a light organic recycled cotton. It even comes in a eco-cotton corn wax coated bag, which is perfect for your wet swimwear.

Spring Wardrobe Update

I am done with spending most of my days in sweatpants, and both me and closet are in desperate need for something new. Favorite Arket, best in basics toned down Scandi looks, launched their new collections. Here some of the styles I’ve bookmarked:

Sip, Sip, Hurray!

Probably the one thing I have missed the most the last five weeks, besides my husband of course, is a perfectly mixed cocktail. I don’t drink much, but I do enjoy the occasional drink. The biggest issue I find with having to mix at home is that you need so many different ingredients and then you have to drink the same one over and over again. I came across Spiritium Cocktails, who as they say themselves delivers spirit in a box. One box is delivered straight to your house with all you need to make 8 cocktails. A new one each month – I can’t wait to sip on May’s cocktail, a Lover Club.

Perfectly Rustic

With Mr. LA keeping busy finishing our Big Bear cabin makeover, I have spent time finding inspiration for the interior. And while being inside in a cabin might be the last thing on people mind right now, already it would be a great change of scenery from one’s home, I couldn’t resist sharing the incredible and very cozy home of Leanne Ford – perfectly rustic and modern.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a commission when you click on a link or make a purchase.

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