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In case you missed it, it is Friday again and its weekly obsessions time. I have a lot of cool things to share, so I am going to get right to it. But first, go follow and hit play on this week’s new Bungalow5 playlist. Now lean back and enjoy my favorite spaces and products this week.

This week I found an apartment for design lovers on the Amsterdam canals. I also linked to a print-it-yourself piece from one of my favorite Danish artist to brighten up your walls, along with a new curvy lamp, an immaculately styled bookcase, stunning new campaign images from Zara Home and lockdown reflections by my friend Hannah Trickett.

Scroll down to see everything I am sharing this week. Also, if you are looking for a bit more interior inspiration, I would love if you would follow me on Pinterest too.

A Home for Design Lovers on the Amsterdam Canals

A city apartment for design lovers on the Amsterdam canals, representing itself through a nordic industrial style combined with archetypical simplicity and beautiful finishes is really the city escape I need right now. Designed by Jurjen van Hulzen of the Nieuw and Ibiza Interiors, the warm grey painted walls contribute together with the dark treated wooden floor to the unique ambiance of the space. Bringing together natural materials, design classics combined with matching furniture, fine finishes and well chosen colors the apartment turns into a contemporary and at the same time timeless residence.

An Immaculately Styled Bookcase

The Danish climate minister recently shared picture on IG, which got a lot of attention for two reason. One: by the looks of his biceps, it looks like he has been spending a bit extra time lifting weights lately. Two: The immaculately styled bookcase.

Beautiful & Curvy

Danish design brand Anour deviates from their regular bespoke design with a new small, beautiful, and curvier Donya. The new lamp collection offers an ambient and soft light, with charm and uniqueness. Its available as a pendant, table and wall lamp, with the latter being my personal favorite.

Free “Print-it-Yourself” HuskMitNavn

Danish artist HuskMitNavn have created a cute little artwork, which is free to download to hang in your own home. Such a nice idea.

Simply Timeless

I hate to say it, but I do really like the new campaign from Zara Home. No wonder really, since it is shot by Rick Stapleton and styled by Rosa Park. I really like the subtle approach they have taken with their campaigns lately, you might also remember last year’s campaign shot in Copenhagen.

Lockdown Reflections

I love how some brands give back and use their platforms to share stories about some of us who usually write about them. Brands might be seeing drop in sales but are still finding ways to help out where they can. Menu just shared reflections by my friend Hannah Trickett.

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    Jake Miller
    May 16, 2020 at 19:05

    The design of the house is very elegant, Allan. I never thought that the nordic industrial kind of style combined with archetypical simplicity would result to such a beauty. Good job!

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