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It’s Friday. Can you believe it? Even in corona times, the days just seem to fly by. This week would have been a super busy one, as the Copenhagen design festival “3 Days of Design” was planned. Instead, I cleared out cupboards in my office, not as exciting, but now it is done. Are you still on jigsaws, bread making, or endless Netflix binging? In any case, here is another of my obsessions to inspire you, enjoy my favorite spaces, products and my new playlist this week.

Today, I am sharing a stunning renovation of an apartment in an 18th century building in Lviv, Ukraine. I am also linking to a bunch of cool new products, like a new chair by Note Design, a new print by Silke Bonde, and a lamp by Nuad. Finally, my new obsession, the Californian brand Boy Smells.

Again, hit play on that new Bungalow5 Weekly Playlist and scroll down for everything fabulous. Have fun!

Historical Renovation Project in Ukraine

In an 18th century building in Lviv, Ukraine, Lis Design Studio are working on a stunning remodel of one of the apartments. The original doors, windows and flooring are kept to preserve a bit of architectural history, while adding a Scandinavian feeling with design from Danish brands including Carl Hansen & SonMenu&Tradition, and New Works.

Candid Chair by Note Design Studio

Stockholm-based atelier Note Design Studio designed Candid Chair a minimal chair for Zilio A&C. Candid is a stunning, straightforward and very elegant dining chair in stained ash.

Behind the Leaves

Give your wall a fresh hint of a spring forest. Silke Bonde just unveiled “My Forest”, a stunning art print bringing you straight into a dense forest. It’s up to your imagination what’s hiding behind those leaves.

Perforated Metal Mesh

Founded in June 2019, Danish brand Nuad was created with a passion for creating beautiful and functional interior products suitable for homes and offices everywhere. First product is a LED light tube, the Radent Lamp, which offers both direct downlight and subtle up light.

Boy Smells

Recently discovered highly spirited, full bodied scents and intimate wear for the genderful. Consider lighting Slow Burn and Cowboy Kush at the same time. The result is a roll-your-eyes-to-the-back-of-your-head slightly sweet, slightly dank smoky wood notes.

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