Amazing Grey Studio Apartment

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_3

Quite often I get an email asking about living small, you know how to decorate a smaller apartment making room for everything. Layout is of course key; you really do not want to waste precious space on stuff you never use.

This apartment is a great example on how to do it good, like really good. Choosing a darker color like grey one for the walls can be tricky – but as I have said many times, we do not want to see more of that all white. Paint just half of the walls grey and leave the rest white and to compensate you need a lot of light, one way to get around that is to install a floor to ceiling window instead of a wall.

I also want to highlight that black and grey photo wall – noticed the brown hat at the top. That’s very cool.

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_2

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_1

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_5

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_6

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_4

Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_7

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