Astep Novelties 2019, New Works New Copenhagen Showroom + 27 Lamps to Add to Your Wishlist

I have actually had this post on my to-do-list for ever – and with last week’s talk about finding the right desk for my new office in LA, today was the day to dive in and share new stunning pictures of Astep’s new collection and a sneak inside the new New Works showroom in Copenhagen. And as an extra treat, I have found 27 beautiful lamps for any room of your house, there’s ceiling, wall, table, and floor lamps – just keep scrolling.

Looking at Astep’s new pictures of their collection you would almost not believe that they are in fact Danish. Founded by Alessandro Sarfatti, contemporary lighting brand Astep combines a rich history of Italian design with traditional Scandinavian sensibility to create timeless and elegant products. Alessandro is actually the son of the founder of Luceplan and his grandfather Gino Sarfatti was a renowned Italian designer, so it is pretty safe to say, lighting runs in the family blood.


Astep really represents our admiration for timeless inventions: objects that – regardless of when they were designed or made – retain their edge, their capacity to affect our lives, advancing the manner in which we live.

I have been admiring the brand for quite some time (full disclosure: more than one of their lamps made it to the list below and more than one is on my wish list too) I am really in awe of their new stunning pictures, I have picked a few to share today. With styling by Pernille Vest and photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt its almost a sure thing to get my attention these days.


Speaking of stylists that will get my attention. Lotta Agaton is behind the very handsome (I use handsome, because, the styling is more to the masculine side, something that is not typical Lotta or Scandinavian brands these days) new New Works showroom in the centre of Copenhagen.

New Works has only grown in a more sophisticated direction since their beginning in 2014. With a focus on a deeper palette of materials and finishes, has really catapulted them into a whole new league if you ask me. I visited the new showroom last week and just quickly snapped a few pictures.


I felt like this post needed something extra, so I had a blast finding a mere 27 cool lamps – there should be one for everyone’s taste and budget.

// Affiliate links all marked with *//

Apiales 9 Satin Black / 2. Planet Lamp* / 3. Formakami Pendant JH4* / 4. Flash with Shelf* / 5. JWDA Table Lamp* / 6. Glass Lamp* / 7. Bellevue Floor AJ7* (on sale -20%) / 8. Multi-Lite Pendant* / 9. Akari A1  / 10. Turbo Pendant*/ 11. Material Table Lamp / 12. ARC Table Lamp   /13. Gatto* / 14. Caboche* / 15. Snoppy*/ 16. Nox  / 17. Bright Modeco Plus  / 18. Kizu Table Lamp  / 19. Night Owl / 20. Annular  / 21. Wire / 22. Peek Floor / 23. Taccia* / 24. T Model / 25. Rituals* / 26. Model 548 / 27. Ombre

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