BD Barcelona had a little lamp

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I bet you everything I have, that BD Barcelona will provoke some sort of reaction from you. Not just, oh, that’s nice or ugly, more a huge grin or the opposite. I mean they have a stuffed lamb, penis-shaped vase, monkey side table and a sofa resembling lush red lips in their collection for crying out loud.

As part of our #SunnyDesignDays blogger tour in Spain, we made a visit at BD Barcelona Design and experienced a visual voyage from functional outdoor furniture to art collector objects.

Bungalow5_BD Barcelona_1

BD Barcelona has definitely been one of Spanish designer Jamie Hayon’s playgrounds, from the monkey table to the Gardenia collection, both some of my favourite Hayon designs. But I have to say I was very fascinated about the stuffed lamp side table Xai, drawn up from Salvador Dali’s painting, “Interpretation Project for a stable-library” (1942), where there appears a characteristic Dalí drawer, made up of a little lamp-table. And before some animal activist goes bananas, BD has received the support of the exceptional expertise and capacity of Deyrolle. Deyrolle certifies that the sheep skins used for the production of these pieces come from a slaughterhouse, which is a meat supplier, and no animal sacrifice has been made.

Bungalow5_BD Barcelona_2

Photography by Allan Torp.

Our tour and events was part of the Design Bloggers United Spain tour, and arranged for us by Spanish Design Companies Association RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño). It’s formed to promote the spanish design in international markets.

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