Be My Guest with ferm Living

All homes have a story to tell. A story of expectations and dreams, hopes and memories. A story told through things brought back from travels, art made by best friends and pieces that have been passed on through generations. I really love the message of the newest catalogue from ferm Living, not only are they launching yet another great collection of pieces that goes right to the top of the list, but they are also bringing back the guest book.

I remember getting my first guest book at my 13th birthday by one of my aunts and kept it for years. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s still somewhere in my mom’s basement. It followed me for years and would actually be fun to dig out. I am definitely starting a new one, and if you want one too, you can get yours right here.

Below is a bunch of my favorite pics from this year’s catalogue, and if you want even more inspiration make sure to flip through their entire catalogue.

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