Bedroom challenge with Ellos


I love a cool challenge. Together with Ellos I created a bedroom setting full of products from their endless product list in their massive webshop. For those of you old enough, you can probably remember the big catalogues we all received 20 years ago in the mail (not email, real snail mail). It was kind of like the Ikea catalogue, massive. You ordered what you wanted filling out a slip in the back which you returned by dropping it in the mail again. Weeks later you would receive your order – this was before the Internet obviously.

Today, Ellos is even bigger – an online shopping mall. You can practically find anything; fashion, beauty and interior. I am a huge fan. I am not a huge fashion guy, but I really love their own label, Close by Denim, which I am wearing on the picture above. I also love the fact, that they have so many of their own products in their interior section, which is super cool.

As I said, I was challenged to style a bedroom with my favourite items – I selected items like the black rolling bar table, super cheap by the way, a pretty sweet lamp and of course I had to fit in a few pairs of sneaks also.

I will post more favourites via Instagram the next couple of weeks, so go check it out if you are curious.


This post is made in collaboration with Ellos, the words, opinions and images are made by me.

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