Best Indoor Plants to Get Right Now According to an Expert (not me!)

If you are looking for a few new friends around the house, I’d say plants are a good place to start. I have managed to keep alive 3 plants for a number of years, so it would be an understatement calling myself a botanist. I like plants that will keep alive even if I forget to water them once a week. In theory I love the idea of me nurturing small cuttings to full grown plants, but in reality, I just don’t have the patience. It is safe to say, I do not know what I am talking about when it comes to our green plants, I just know they are good for us and live up the interior.

You might have had your eye on the infamous “blogger plant” aka. a Monstera, but let’s just say, it is like those selfies in front of the Eiffel tower or “that pink wall” in LA, it got boring years ago.

But, instead of me trying to sound smart, I asked someone who I know knows their plants. I asked Greenify founder Michala Kjær-Holm to pick 5 plants that are trending and all relatively easy to keep.

Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) is a pretty cool plant with its stunning and rustic stem, and of course it’s very elegant leaves. And maybe if you are lucky it will start growing real money.

Spider’s Web (Fatsia Japonica) is another cool plant if you are into characterful leaves. They dont look like any other. Go for one with the different colored leaves for an even more unique look.

Red Philodendron ‘Congo’ Rojo is actually related to the Monstera, so it got big shoes (or pots) to fill. It is definitely a statement plant which gives a room lots of character. The big crisp leaves really bring in nature and the reddish nuances also makes it different from all those green relatives.

Schefflera arboricola with its small leaves and stem is probably one of the most trend ones right now. Its rustic and natural meats refined and feminine.

Ficus Lyrata, you’ve probably seen this around already. For years we have all dreamt of a tall single stem version in our living room. Yup we got one in LA (pictured above), but to get a figus to grow that tall, especially in Scandinavia is no easy task. The multi branch version is a bit wilder and more rustic, and definitely have more character.

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