Best of 2014: Design Hotels

2014 skulle blive endnu et år fyldt med rejser. Til sammen besøgte vi mange forskellige lande og derfor også en masse virkelig flotte og spændende hoteller. Vi har samlet de bedste fra årets hotelophold.

2014 proved to be yet another year full of travelling. The team behind Bungalow5 visited many different countries and of course many great hotels. We have selected our favourites from all our stays.


Bungalow5 Molitor Hotel by Gilles Trillard 003

01. Molitor, Paris, France

On a trip to Paris test driving the new Peugeot 108, Allan stayed for one night at the fabulous newly renovated Molitor Hotel surrounding the massive pool in the middle of the hotel.


Bungalow5_Volks Hotel

02. Volkshotel, Amsterdam, Holland

During our fifth bloggers tour with Design Bloggers United we experienced the new Volks Hotel. A hotel for single mothers, stockbrokers and punks rockers, dandies and poets. In short – a place for everyone.


Bungalow5 Ace Hotel Palm Springs FDM Travel 1

03. Ace Hotels, Los Angeles & Palm Springs, USA

We love the Ace Hotel concept; this year we actually visited two, one in LA and one in Palm Springs. Allan has actually already planned a return to Palm Springs during 2015.



04. Maison La Minervetta, Sorrento, Italy

Trine travelled to the Amalfi Coast in Italy back in August. Sorrento was the first stop on her trip, where she had the pleasure of visiting the family-run designer hotel Maison La Minervetta. The hotel is beautifully perched on a cliffside, with a dream of a panoramic view overlooking the Mediterranean.



05. SP34, Copenhagen, Denmark

In April Copenhagen could finally welcome tourist to stay at a proper design hotel. The result is the really cool, ultra modern and Nordic boutique hotel, SP34, in the heart of Copenhagen.

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