Best of the Best 2019: My Personal Top 10 of New Danish Design

Though we are already four days into 2020, I am not all ready to let the old year off so easy. From sustainable beds and versatile chairs to smart outdoor furniture and eye-catching lamps, I round up the benchmarks of good Danish design which we saw come into the world this past year.

Takt – Cross Chair

Takt is a Danish furniture company who right from the start has committed to prioritizing sustainability and craftsmanship. It is designed to look great from any angle with clean lines and comfortable design from any angle. It is shipped as flat packs, which itself is made from recycled materials and produced in 100% eco-certified wood for certified forests.  

Form & Refine – Position Bench

Form & Refine founders believe in sustainability by choosing local materials neighboring local workshops and thereby reducing our CO₂ footprint. The forest Damsbo on the island of Funen in Denmark is their source of unique and beautiful Danish wood of ash, maple and oak; allowing them to be able to produce locally with the help of skilled craftsmen. This slender solid oak bench is part of their collaboration with Herman Studio.

Frama – AML Stool

The tiny milking stool has had a great year and Frama made their contribution who got help from the Swedish architect Andreas Martin-Löf with this slender piece which he based on a stool he salvaged from a renovation project in Stockholm. The appreciation for this type of design is obvious when you think about the way we live today: we value items for both their function and their beauty. This stool certainly has both in spades.

Skagerak – Gerda

Inspired by traditional red and white tablecloths, designed by design duo Included Middle, Gerda was a fresh breath of air in Skagerak’s primarily wooden furniture collection. The collection includes a bench, a stool, and a table in two sizes, and come in two colorways, cream and olive, or burgundy and blue, which makes you think of a typical atmosphere of Nordic campsites.

Nuura – Apiales 9

Taking inspiration from a beautiful blooming flower, the Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier, designed by Sofie Refer, is a stunning showpiece. The chandelier, available in a golden brushed brass finish or smooth satin black, consists of nine mouth-blown glass globes, working together to produce a graceful illumination. The globes are suspended from a specially produced canopy, with arms unfolding like the delicate stalks of a flower. 

Brdr. Kruger – Jari

Its neither round or share, but comes across almost asymmetric. The Jari table, designed by OeO Studio, are dyed by hand using the natural pigments of rocks and minerals mixed with water, using a method that penetrates the wood deeper and enhances the natural grains and hues. 

Tom Rossau – TR36

For more than a decade Tom Rossau have been creating stunning lamps in his workshop in Copenhagen primarily in wood veneer, in 2019 he introduced the new white plastic material reminiscent of fabric. The table lamp TR36 is a beautiful lit as it is unlit.

Thorup Copenhagen – Noel Chair

Thorup loves to experiment and wants to know his designs inside out, which means he might get help from different artisan professionals, but he still perfects the finished works himself from his studio and workshop in Frederiksberg. Through a series of design programs on national TV we saw his Noel Chair emerge from concept to final product.

Menu – Gravel Rug

A well-designed product starts with the material, according to designer Nina Bruun, who has designed Gravel Rug for MENU, a natural wool rug with a soft handle. Using nature as the starting point, the design focuses on wool and its inherent qualities. Forgoing color dyeing in favor of natural fibers in tonal hues to create a unique sense of depth.

Re Beds – Alken

Sleep is basically about abandonment. It is a state which not only provides calm, but which also requires calm to arise. Alken is a prize-winning design created by Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh. The bed is an ascetic interpretation of sleep. A Nordic design whose aesthetic originality was created in the careful processing of 200-year-old oak from the Danish navy.

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