Best Place To Be Creative Away From Home

I really thrive with working from home. I often get the question on how I even get anything done. I love that I am my own boss and that I can work whenever I feel like it and not when I am forced to sit at my desk from 9-5. To me it is important that my work space is inspiring, a space that is comfortable and relatively calm. I am fortunate to have my own home work space setup both in Copenhagen and in Los Angeles, but when I do travel to other cities, I like going to Co-Working spaces, as they really deliver and inspire all my senses. It is also a great way to meet locals and get insider tips on best places in town – and sometimes even pick up new clients.

If you are ever in Copenhagen, you should consider Nomad, which is a gorgeous space not far from the city center. In Cape Town my go to place is Tiny Empire. An inspiring workspace catering to serial entrepreneurs, start up junkies and business gurus looking for a space to call home.

Tiny Empire was designed to capture the way we wanted to work and how we want to host clients, I love the interior reminding me of great hotel lobbies and homes which really inspires creativity and dialogue and ultimately deliver an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Another thing I really like is the fact that they have worked with all surrounding local friends for interior and coffee. Justin Rhodes is also an accomplished entrepreneur and have setup multiple cool spots around Cape Town, many of which you’ll also find in my ultimate guide to Cape Town.

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