Blissfully Loving Reform’s New Minimalistic Sustainable Kitchen Design

More and more I make a mental note about the environmental world state. I find myself watching documentaries on Netflix about the state of our oceans, I try to steer around products wrapped in plastic at the grocery store and I recycle as much as even possible every day. It is also getting more and more important to me that design companies take action, thinking about what materials they produce their products in, so it warms my heart that Danish kitchen maker Reform is finally launching a sustainable kitchen – especially considering that they produce fronts for Ikea kitchens, a company that really is concerned about the environment and aren’t afraid to talk about it.

In Scandinavian homes, the kitchen is often the most important room in the house. We take great pride in inviting people into our homes for a home cooked meal, and while we spent a lot of money on remodeling our kitchens in the 00s the trend resent years are going toward smaller, but well-designed kitchen. One of the companies that have seen this trend through is Danish Reform, who together with internationally acclaimed architects creates kitchen that change and enhance the everyday life with great design.

For years, Reform’s founders had a big wish and a dream to offer a sustainable kitchen design. Together with Danish Lendager Group that dream has come through, as they have created a minimalistic kitchen design in solid wood with respect for materials and our environment.

Lendager Group has designed a kitchen where, in a unique collaboration with Dinesen, it uses the floor producer’s surplus tree. In an exclusive company like Dinesen, customer-specific solutions are produced, which generates large amounts of residual wood. The kitchen consists of cuts that are left when Dinesen has supplied floors to galleries, restaurants, mansions and the like. There will always be excuses, even though that tree is one of the things that has undergone one of the most exclusive processes you can imagine.

Inspired by the classic craftsman kitchen, in UP, the natural qualities and recycling possibilities of materials have been essential to the design. And as these images show, the kitchen’s rich and textural wood grain finish provides an aesthetically beautiful result. Available in White Oiled and Dark Oak.

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