Blog-Life Balance

It’s been a hard few month and I know that you don’t get anywhere in this world, by just taking breaks and not showing up for work every god damn day, even weekends, in the blogging world. There have been many very long days and nights; there have been many moments and situations, where I have felt like a sad little wet paper bag. But the more my life comes into fruition, the more thankful I become.

It is always easy to just say, ”let’s just quit it all” or ”this is also because of this and that”. It is so easy to play the victim sometimes. If that’s the role you want to play, you are not getting anywhere. You’ll just hurt yourself and no one else.

If you’re kind, genuine, work hard, show up giving it your 100% – there’s nothing you can’t do. That’s how I see it anyway.

But Guys, I am telling you. I am exhausted. I need a short break. I am after all only human. I cannot remember the last time I just took a few days off. Like as in completely off. So the next few days, I am going to… well… I am gonna tell you about it later. Stay tuned.

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