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Det kan vel ikke komme bag på nogen jeg elsker London? En af mine absolutte yndlingsbutikker i Islington er Folklore. En lille hyggelig butik med et fint udvalg af egne og særligt udvalgte produkter. Sammen med Design Bloggers United kastede vi os frådende over udvalgte og fik stylet en række fine billeder med alle vores yndlingsprodukter.

Danielle og Rob åbnede Folklore i 2012, en butik med et udvalg af livsstilsprodukter alle særligt udvalgt ud fra en kærlighed til den enkle indretning.


We value integrity, simplicity and craftsmanship. We are drawn to functional goods that are created with care and made to last. The best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time – goods that will exist long after we’re gone.

We believe that Folklore has a role to play in tackling some of today’s environmental and social challenges. We try to make a difference through our products by focusing on materials, process and source. Hopefully this approach represents sustainable intelligence and in some small way can influence lasting change.


It can hardly come to anyone’s surprise that I love London? On of my absolute favourite shops in Islington is Folklore. A small nice shop with a great selection of Folklore label and other products,. Together with Design Bloggers United we all got to work and styled a bunch of pictures with all our favourite products.

Founded by Danielle Reid and Rob Reid in 2012, Folklore is a home and lifestyle store based on a simple idea that better living is possible through design.





Photos: 1. Me 2 – 4. Susanna Vento

Styling: 1. Susanna 2. EmIgor 3. Anna 4. Susanna

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