Bohemian lux by Nordal


One of my favorite pieces I acquainted with last year, was the black marble side table from Nordal, so I have been very eager to see what will be in store for us this coming year from this brand. Keywords for their new collections is bohemian luxury and ethnic minimalism.

I just received the all new, almost 200 pages, Nordal catalogue, from which I will be sharing my picks with you today. Nordal have a great selection of rustic ceramics for tea and coffee sessions with friends and families. For green plant lovers like myself, I am eyeing a few of those braided baskets, and how about that thin wooded one?

Bungalow5_Nordal_2017_1Bungalow5_Nordal_2017_5 Bungalow5_Nordal_2017_4 Bungalow5_Nordal_2017_3


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