Bolia Design Award 2015

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Last week I attended the annual Bolia Design Award. I always love going to this event, as they always showcase some grand new ideas from upcoming new designers. This year more than 100 talented designers submitted their design proposals –five judges narrowed it down to the best of the best.

And of course they also share some of their great new designs, which we will all see in the stores very very soon. So here is a sneak peek and more about the winners of the Bolia Design Award.

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The top three was presented at the award show along with a customer price, selected by the many Bolia fans.

Andreas Vang won 1st. price with his Tectonic Watch. The tectonic watch takes a new approach to the classic watch by putting a dynamic layer of keys on top of the clock’s hands. Time can hereby both be felt and seen as shadows on the watch’s surface. The tectonic watch’s simple and geometric idiom gives it a sense of unity and places it as a natural continuation in the Scandinavian design tradition.

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Matthias Lehner took 2nd with his Flap Bar Cabinet. Flap is a modern reinterpretation of a classic bar cabinet. Like a treasure chest – it’s simple wooden box, taking care of its hidden contents and stimulate people’s curiosity to open it. Even though it’s originally intended to be a mini bar there are many other possibilities of storage use.

3rd price went to Sanna Völker for her very simple, yet amazing Snug Candle Holder. Snug is a candleholder of stone with the ability to appear rustic and embellished – or simple and neat. The candles seem to be captured in an open mould, in a loose yet sturdy embrace. Stone was chosen for its natural weight, beauty and possibility of diversity. The candleholder is designed for standard dripless candles where these are fixed by pressure.

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The customer prize and also my favourite was Thelea Schmalenberg & Lisa Merk’s Remind Me. How helpful would a piece of furniture be that helps us to think about important things? »Remind Me« acts as a storage area for keys, cellphones or purses and comes with a motion sensor that lights up the bulb on top of the sideboard, when coming close. Because of this, we will be reminded whenever we are about to leave our residence. I am not really sure about the reminder thing though, as it would just light up all the time. I have a memory like a sieve.

In any case. I hope to see all these products within the Bolia stores. I know Bolia is looking into the possibilities at least.


Ending this long post, with a snap of a very concentrated (not really) picture of me with Francois (my roommate).

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