Buying Original Art Doesn’t Have to be Only for the Connoisseurs

Have you ever walked into an art gallery and felt way out of your comfort zone? I certainly have. When it comes to art, I think the general perception is that you need be a connoisseur and know a whole lot about art before walking into a gallery. Original art should indeed be for everyone – and that’s exactly what Anne Aarsland and Mette Helena Rasmussen thought, when they started curating Copenhagens art scene inside private homes for everyone to see. They call it Kunstsalonen.

What began as an idea for a one-off art exhibition, jointly curated and displayed in Anne’s home, quickly grew into a business venture between the two women. The concept is relatively simple, four times a year, they select a new home that an owner is willing to open up to the public – just for a weekend – and curate an entirely new art exhibition grounded in and inspired by the organic space. Then, they open the doors for a Salon — a gathering of people and ideas from the varied communities of Copenhagen to come and engage in dialogue, and of course to sell as much of the displayed art as possible.

The Frederiks Salon just opened this weekend, and unlike the previous 9 salons, this one will be open for a month. The other unique thing about this salon is that is has been created in the showroom of Danish design brand Getama, one of the more overlooked Danish brands, with designs by Wegner and Ditzel. The Getama showroom is based in a 740 m2 fashionable luxury apartment overlooking the Frederik’s Church (hence the name of the salon), populary known as the Marble Church.

More than 40 contemporary artists will be on display side-by-side some unique (and much needed updated) versions of Getama’s design pieces in a homey environment. Visit every Thursday and Saturday throughout February. Free entrance.

I went yesterday, which was the second day since opening, and 75% of all art on display was already sold. Still, great inspiration.

All images courtesy of Getama

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    February 11, 2020 at 13:28

    What a great idea to present different artists in this environment. I wish this concept finds a way to Germany, too.
    Did you know the name of the artist of these wood cut outs (first picture in the middle)?
    Greatings Kathrin

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