Calm Sleep With One Of Sweden’s Finest

Last thing from Stockholm I promise. One of the things I really love about the Stockholm Fair, is that many brands have understood the importance of creating great surroundings and setup up events outside the fairgrounds, which means you float around the entire city – just like in Milan. Anyway. Together with Lotta Agaton Dux had created a beautiful calm setup showcasing their beds and their furniture pieces, which was all new to me. The exhibition took place in the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts and the space looked amazing.

Dux was originally created to produce the first innerspring mattresses in Sweden four generations ago, today they develop, manufacture and sell both furniture and beds. Dux is clean, simple, and contemporary lines. All their products are made from top of the line materials, with the finest Swedish craftsmanship, ergonomic research and engineering. The broad range of products is led by the Dux mattress, considered the most comfortable and ergonomically correct mattress on the market. If you want to experience one of their great bed, but don’t have the budget to go buy the mattress just now, may I recommend checking into one of the 150+ hotels around the world that have installed Dux beds; Nobis in Copenhagen and Stockholm, The Greenwich Hotel in New York or maybe Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

// Photos by Allan Torp

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