Caught My Eye This Week: Picky Living By Lotta Agaton

Let’s be honest, Picky Living was not a brand I had ever heard about before, but let’s just say that surely changed after they got the Swedish stylist queen Lotta Agaton to design for them. Making fronts for Ikea cabinets is not new, but when you enclose it in quality woods from Danish flooring and wood producers Dinesen it gets that something extra – and that is exactly why you hire Lotta.

Isn’t beautiful with the wide wood planks just is continuing through the fronts?

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    February 7, 2018 at 13:54

    Still enjoy my teak and white oak Scan’s minimal book cases and bureaus new in 1976. I’m very sorry that the teak had not been lumbered in a sustainable way at that time. I trust there’s been progress since. These are beautiful pictured here. I would say to anyone, you will love them and so will your adult children.

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