Celebrating 60 Years with Iconic Finnish Glassware

Speaking of adjust to California, is to slowly bring Scandinavian design with me across the Atlantic every time I travel. You have already seen my Scandi office. This summer I felt the need to bring some of the most iconic glassware, so I would at least have something amazing to look at every time I quench my thirst.

I have always been a big fan of the Finnish glassmaker brand iittala. And this year, one of my absolute favorite series celebrates 60 years in the making. The iconic Kartio was designed by Kaj Franck in 1958 and has ever since been made in Finland, at the famous iittala glass factory just north of Helsinki (fun fact: iittala is the name of the little town where the company was founded it 1881).

I love Kartio’s minimalistic shapes and solid colors (meaning, that the glass will keep its color intensity and finish throughout, even after 1000s of times in the washing machine), which really is what makes it so effortlessly timeless.

Both in LA and in Copenhagen, I have limited storage space, so I always look for pieces that can work for more occasions, the versatility of Kartio is key. It really is perfect for any occasion, everyday use or a fancy sit-down dinner, which is also why I love it so much.

//Photos & styling by Allan Torp

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