Channel Your Inner George Clooney With Me And My Morning Routines

One of the major perks of working as a full time blogger, is that I work from home. Every day I jump out of bed (early), drag my body to the coffee maker, hit ”Lungo” and I’ll be at my desk working in less than 5 minutes.

I am extremely good at getting out of bed in the morning, I normally wake up by my self, I rarely use the alarm, and I have made it into a habit step out of bed the minute I wake up. Nothing comes easy in life that for sure, and certainly not if you just sleep away the limited hours we have available every day. First thing on my list every day is coffee, it is as sure as fate. Nothing gets done without my morning coffee.

Today I am channeling my inner George Clooney, as I teamed up with Nespresso to share with you guys my favorite coffee and morning routine. As much as I like a hipster slow brew cup, I really appreciate the convenience of the Nespresso coffee maker. I love that I have a large cup of coffee within seconds – I love it even more when I have those early flights abroad, as no good coffee shops opens until 8 in Copenhagen.

I am not completely grown up enough to drink black coffee just yet, so I need a little milk, not only do I find the new Nespresso Expert & Milk very stylish, its also very functional and take up a very limited amount of space on the kitchen counter.


If you want to read more about me and, as the journalist calls it, my SEALs like mornings – check out the article in Denmarks leading mens fashion mag.

Posted in partnership with Nespresso. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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