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Yeah for Tuesday. You made it through the worst day of them all already. Even though today feels extremely cold, I have to say, it seems like spring is just around the corner. It is brighter every day and it even feels a little bit warmer. Also my energy level is way higher than it’s been for a long time.

You know me pretty well by now, I love them travels, and I cannot be on one trip without having the next one booked already. The funny thing with this particular trip to Beijing is that I booked it last summer. Scandinavian Airlines (and this is not sponsored btw) had a pretty amazing use your mileage offer, so was lucky to find economy extra tickets with a huge discount in miles I had to spend. Good karma even got me a free upgrade to business flying out from Copenhagen. Perfect start. Before I head on to my next trips, London, Stockholm & Los Angeles coming up quickly, I wanted to share photographs of exciting and very different Beijing, most of these are just quick on the go photos snapped on my phone, but I kind of like them and they are too good not to share I think. I really like Beijing. If I’ll ever go back, I don’t know, but it is certainly not my last time visit to China. I hope you will enjoy my little China photo moments.

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I had two things on my list I really wanted to experience. First one, obviously, walking on the Great Wall of China.

Bungalow5_China Moment_1

A quick sneak peek of my hotel, full report will be online soon.

Bungalow5_China Moment_6 Bungalow5_China Moment_2

Walking around the Forbidden City was also one on my bucketlist. I have always dreamed about watching the Olympics, I can only imagine how the crazy the atmosphere must have been in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ in 2008. Bungalow5_China Moment_7

// Photography by Allan Torp



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