Choosing the Right Chair: Optimal Comfort With Finn Juhl

One of the main reasons I made the choice to move into my apartment, was extra space for a proper home office. I do most of my work from home and love that I can just crawl out of bed, not thinking much about appearance until I actually have to step outside.

With a lot of time spend at my desk and the fact that my apartment is a pretty open floor plan, a great looking and very comfortable chair, ideally one that can function in both the office and as dining chairs. I have dreamt about Finn Juhl’s 108 chair ever since I saw them at restaurant Barr last year – and luckily enough I teamed up with House Of Finn Juhl to show you guys its versatility.

Finn Juhl was one of the most influential modernist designers. And famous for introducing Danish modern furniture to the US. Juhl’s philosophy of separating the carried and the carrying elements and thus creating space is apparent in this chair. Despite being both upholstered and very comfortable the 108 Chair manages to keep its lightness and appear beautiful from all angles. The chair was designed in 1946 and relaunched in 2008.

I am a firm believer that different sorts of wooden easily can be mixed together, I actually think it looks amazing with a darker wooden table and the light oak wood chair. When looking for chairs that you’ll end up sitting in for hours you want to look for upholstered chairs, fabric or leather, as bare plastic or wooden chairs tends to get cold and uncomfortable after a while.

// Photos and styling by Allan Torp

Paid partnership with House of Finn Juhl. The chairs shown were loaned for the purposes of the shoot. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.


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