Christmas 2015: 24 things Santa should bring me #22


Every day until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th), I will share one thing each day that I would love to see Santa bring me for Christmas. I am sure there are one or two things that you want too. Happy December 22nd.

I think just in this past week, I have come across four different people who have all been wearing the Le Labo Santal 33 scent. So now it kind of stuck on my – I smells Aaaamazing.

I love the personal branding you get with every bottle; you can get your name or the person you give it to name on there. The bottle it self it pretty simple, but the metallic top makes it both masculine and feminine at the same time. Basically, it would look good in every bathroom.


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    December 24, 2015 at 09:55

    Hey Alan!
    Cheers for the post! Santal33 is definitely a favourite, and indeed it also looks great. I was talking with the owners and I was trying to make them see the merits of a Scandinavian store in Copenhagen, it certainly is something they consider so fingers crossed.

    Have a great holiday,


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      December 24, 2015 at 11:58

      They actually have an outlet in Copenhagen – you can buy it at Han Kjøbenhavn. Pretty awesome.

      Happy holidays to you too.

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