Christmas 2015: 24 things Santa should bring me #3

Bungalow5_Cereal Magazine_filter coffee

Everyday until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th), I will share one thing each day that I would love to see Santa bring me for Christmas. I am sure there are one or two things that you want too. Happy December 3rd.

First thing I do every morning, grind coffee, if my roomie haven’t done it already that is. He is away these days, so I have to do it myself. I love the smell and taste of coffee in the morning, so good coffee are essential for me to start the day.

I also love when totally different brands work together to make something wonderful and that is the case with this filter coffee. A filter coffee produced in collaboration between Cereal Magazine and Round Hill Roastery.

Sourced from Kamajumba farm in the Nyamasheke district of Western Rwanda, a region celebrated for its high altitudes and rich, volcanic soil.

This batch has been lightly roasted and is perfect for filter coffee with tasting notes of cherry stone, mulled wine and molasses. Sounds so wonderfully delicious.

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